About Us
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About Us

Learn about our history and work

Our Mission Statement

Making the world a better place to live on, is quite a task. Providing the proper tools to embrace that possibility, has become our mission.
Angelos Tsianos Nov 2020

We aim to provide high-end solutions to the hospitality industry, while taking into consideration, each time, the needs of our client. We are here to help your business succeed, lets grow together!

Who We Are?

We operate, since 2010 (brand “ATKEN TECHNIKI”), in the design, supervision and construction of telecommunication projects, infrastructures and applications.


We have the knowledge, technology and human resources to design and build telecommunication projects or facilities, with great consistency to the customer.


In addition we only work with certified suppliers, while our professional engineers have over eight years of experience in the cabling and data center industries.


Career Opportunities

We’re passionate about our work and we seek passionate people to collaborate with. If you believe that you can be a self-starter, act like an owner but play as a team, do not hesitate to drop us a call … wherever you might be.


We do support remote working, we encourage it, since we need to continuously expand to other regions.


Help us grow and we will help you improve!

Discover what all the buzz is about!

Our app is available on any android or IOS device. Download now to get started!