Link guests with hotel's reception
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About HEYE Guest

  • Concierge
  • Maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • Room Service
  • Hotel Information
  • Explore Nearby Places

Our Mission Statement

Making the world a better place to live on, is quite a task. Providing the proper tools to embrace that possibility, has become our mission.
Angelos Tsianos Nov 2020

Our Call Center

(+30) 2651 083 885
About HEYE Staff

  • Open & Closed Issues
  • Add & Remove User
  • Housekeeping Check Lists
  • Add Hotel Offers
  • Add Hotel Menu
  • Check Room Status


We are already counting more than 2200+ downloads without any issue whatsoever.

  • €350 installation fee (Cloud)
  • 1€/room/month with 2 years binding contract
High Results

  • Total After Sales Support.
  • FREE Online Staff Training.
  • FREE Software Updates For Life.
  • Different Price Plans, Based On Your Needs.

We are here for you

We offer 24hrs support to any kind of issue that you might face. Feel free to contact us, any time, in order to resolve the problem. Let us help your business.

Technology Helps


  • Free Install!
  • Zero Touch! Just Scan the QR Code.
  • Request Anything From Your Mobile.


  • Housekeeping check lists ensure the jobs completed.

Stay Safe!

Yes technology can help against covid-19, but we strongly encourage the staff and guests to follow and use every single personal protective measure, such as masks and gloves.


Years Of Experience In Hotel Planning

Switching to HotelEYE could NOT be easier!
Software Installation
Installation Testing
Staff Training
Business Boosting

Innovating Hospitality

With HotelEYE Platform you can improve guest satisfaction and achieve hotel’s operational excellence. With 2 different apps for Staff and Guest, HotelEYE is the one way solution for your hotel’s needs.


We Support Your Business

Our Team will always be there for you and solve any kind of issue that you might have, while using our software.


Custom Integration?

If you already have a similar solution, switching to HotelEYE could not be easier. In addition, we can provide custom integration with any PMS.


Test HotelEYE For FREE

Feel free to ask for a demo, in order to assess and test our software. We can prepare a custom installation for your business and further discuss any kind of alterations.

Why HotelEYE?

We do provide different plans/pricing and features, based on your needs and period. Feel free to discuss with us any of your concerns.

Cloud Solution. Available from anywhere!

Room Status. No more old fashioned door hangers. Reception knows the status of each room, i.e. IN/OUT or DND mode!

Check Lists. Housekeepers can inform the reception for the jobs completed in each room, just with the push of a button.

Many Features. HotelEYE is loaded with features (Concierge, Maintenance, UpSales, and so on...).

Link your guests and the reception with the push of a button

Guest App? Your Stay, In Your Hand!

Explore Our Products Both for Guests And Reception
You Could Walk To The Reception ...

But really why bother? Any kind of request, i.e. housekeeping, room service, maintenance, can be sent to the reception directly through your mobile.

Explore Nearby Places

First time in the area? No problem! You can plan your day through the app, just by searching the nearby places to visit.

You Need Privacy?

You require privacy? You need to inform the reception if you are in the room or not? Forget the old fashion hangers. Just press the app’s logo!

Fine-Tune Your Stay

Get the most of your stay. By using the Guest App you can check all the available hotel’s offers and of course book them!

Staff App? Interactive, Innovative, Irresistible!

Open & Closed Issues

The receptionist or staff can monitor all the opened issues from the guests and respond to them accordingly.

Check lists

Housekeepers can inform the reception for the jobs completed in each room, just with the push of a button.

Increase Upsales

Push any kind of offer to your guests and increase your sales. Offers, no matter what, are always welcomed.

Room Service Menu

Update your hotel menu, featuring your popular dishes along with seasonal specials, with the push of a button.

Discover what all the buzz is about!

Our app is available on any android or IOS device. Download now to get started!